MHEG Users Group

The MHEG Users Group (MUG) archive is partly available again

The MUG archive and mailing list were hosted in the past by GMD FOKUS, the German National Research Center. Since GMD and the German Frauenhofer Institute (FhG) were joined, hosting of was no longer possible.

The following links will give you access to some of the old web pages of the MUG. Be warned that some of the links might not work. If you encounter any problems, please send an e-mail to Andreas Kraft.


MUG Section Description
Mails Archive This archive contains the mails from the MHEG mailing list.
Misc Archives This is the old entry page to the MUG archive.
FAQ The old frequently asked question page.
MHEG5 Maintenance Task Force Some home page of the MHEG-5 Maintenance Task Force. The result of this discussions were the MHEG-5 Corrigendum 1.
(Most of the links are dead)
MTF-IRC-2Feb98.log A log file from an IRC that was taken during a meeting of the MHEG-5 task force.
(Well, this proves that following and contributing to an IRC during heavy discussions is difficult...)
MHEG 3D Pages and discussions about a possible extension of MHEG-5 to include the handling of a 3D space and objects to the standard.
Unfortunatly, this never made it into a standard.
We will make more of the old pages available in the future.