MHEG Task Force

The MHEG working group has stopped its work.

An ISO Maintenance Task Force for MHEG has been established

The ISO working group has stopped its work in 2001. All the information about the MHEG standard, documents and meetings of the working group can now be found at
In order to answer questions and requests concerning MHEG and the maintenance and evolution of the standard suite, a Maintenance Task Force (MTF) has been established. If you have any questions regarding the MHEG standard and its future, please contact the MHEG MTF at

The members of the MTF are:

Name Affiliation National Body
Yoshiharu Dewa Sony Corporation Japan
Wataru KAMEYAMA Waseda University Japan
Thomas Schwengler QWest None
Thomas J. Casey Tom Casey Consultant None
Chris Dobbyn Department of Computing, The Open University UK
Hamid Gharib British Telecom UK
Andreas Kraft T-Systems Nova DIN (currently not active)
Klaus Hofrichter Sony Electronics, USA DIN (currently not active)
Peter McLaughlin Tality UK None
Other contributions by:
Xavier Marie CRIL Technology France
Florence Bertrand CCETT France

Please report any changes or dead e-mail addresses to Andreas Kraft.